Are you a nice person

who just wants to meet another nice person?

This event is for you!


Do you ever look around

at all of your fabulous single friends and think,

“You're all so great! 

Why can't I get you all in a room together?”

Well, here's your chance!


"What if I'm gay?"

That's great!

This event is not just for straight people.  


"Aw, I do want love, but I'm too old."

No you're not!!!

This event draws adults of all ages.


Are you scared?

It's okay.  Me, too.

Let's be scared together.


These carefully crafted, structured events, which involve things like writing exercises, opportunities to talk one-on-one, and all-group activities, are fun, sweet, playful, surprisingly moving, and remarkably effective.

Bring a notebook!