“This is like benevolent counter-culture.”


"I love how you can articulate what my heart knows but doesn't want to say out loud."


“You made a potentially awkward night super fun!”


"I felt more myself for those few hours than I have in three years and it was a joy and a relief."


“This was such a fun, touching and sweet event.  I wanna do more!”


“It was really interesting being able to greet people with one energy and see them leave with another.”


"I left feeling more connected to my community and more connected to myself."


“I so appreciate you holding this space, and bringing depth, light-heartedness and hope to so many people.”


"You are doing great, good work for many silently hurting but enduringly hopeful people."


“Thank you SO much for organizing the event. It was a lot of fun, and I even left to grab drinks after with a new friend!”


"A heart-felt thank you for the invitation and space to be safely me. Thanks to your helpful crew, too! Let’s keep doing this good work--the world needs us!”