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The Not-Creepy Gathering for People Who Care About Social Justice and Want to Fall In Love


1714 Telegraph Avenue/Oakland, CA

Tuesday, February 23, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm


Have you been fantasizing about meeting someone who shares your values and is looking for love?
This event is for you!

Do you ever look around at all of your amazing single friends and think, “You're all so great! Why can't I get you all in a room together?”
Well, here's your chance!

What if I'm gay?
That's great!
This event is not just for straight people.  

Aw, I do want love, but I'm too old.
No you're not!!!
This event draws adults of all ages.

Are you scared?
It's okay. Me, too.
Let's be scared together.

This event is a spin-off of The Not-Creepy Gathering for People Who Are Single and Want to Fall In Love, which has been spreading love and connection up and down the West Coast since it began last May. This social justice-focused edition will bring together like-minded individuals in a space that provides the opportunity for connection. For this one, we are partnering with SoleSpace, a social justice gathering hub – and super awesome, award-winning shoe store!  
These carefully crafted, structured events, which include things like writing exercises, opportunities to talk one-on-one, and all-group activities, are fun, sweet, playful, surprisingly moving, and remarkably effective.  
Bring a notebook!
$15/$7.50 discount -- because love shouldn't be cost-prohibitive.

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